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A rewarding journey to Chapter 2

We'll take snapshots of the Leaderboard

We will take snapshots that capture the Top 1,500 people on the Leaderboard and their rank category. The snapshot countdown appears above the Leaderboard and we'll also announce the dates and times on X (Twitter) several days prior.

Rank categories:

  • 1-50
  • 51-500
  • 501-1500

The Top 1,500 earn Element NFTs

At every snapshot, the Top 1,500 people on the Leaderboard will be able to claim a non-transferrable Element NFT. For Snapshot 1, the top 1,500 with the most referrals earned an Emerald NFT.

For Snapshot 2, there will be two Element NFTs, the Tanzanite and the Diamond. The Top 1,500 with the most referrals post Snapshot 1 will earn the Tanzanite NFT. In addition, the Top 1,500 with the most all-time referrals will earn the Diamond NFT. Collect as many Element NFTs as you can for a special status on the upcoming Chapter 2 bound token.

You will be able to claim your Elements NFT under the My ranking tab of the Leaderboard.


Everyone who preorders gets a Chapter 2 Preorder Token

Anyone who has preordered Chapter 2 will get the non-transferrable Chapter 2 Preorder Token, even if you are not on the Leaderboard. These will be distributed after each snapshot.

Tokens and NFTs are your identifier

Ecosystem teams will be able to use the Element NFTs (with rank categories) and the Chapter 2 Preorder Tokens in connection with their rewards programs.

*Rewards are offered by third-parties, not by Solana Mobile. Rewards are not guaranteed with a deposit or with the purchase of a Solana Mobile product. Solana Mobile is not responsible for any damages or losses related to rewards. See Leaderboard Terms for more detail.

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